Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Marathon Training: Week 2

This week's training has been an interesting one so far.  With Chicago's unseasonably warm weather, finding a good time of day to run has been somewhat difficult.  Over the long weekend, I ran 7 miles.  It went well, although I need to find a good route for these long runs that aboid stop lights.  During the week, I've been doing a combination of shorter 4-mile runs and some cross training.  I'm starting to get ot the point in training where I need to be more strategic with what I eat before my long runs.  As I was running on Saturday morning, I kept thinking about some of the tips my high school running coach, Coach McCabe, used to share with us.  Some of his tips involved eating and proper training techniques, but most of his tips were about remaining positive and believing in ourselves.  I'll have to find some of the weekly handouts he used to give us and share some of his inspirational quotes with you all.  Stay tuned...

Please take the time to read my blog post about the Special Olympics here and take the time to place a donation here.

Thank you in advance for your contribution!

I'm thankful for...
21) Listening to music on Pandora when it iTunes selection seems boring
22) The large amount of songs in my music collection, so listening to iTunes doesn't get boring often.
23) the show's so entertaining!
24) Happy hours with good friends...I'm looking forward to tonight!
25) Times when I can sit and just listen to the rain fall.

Live Sweetly :)

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