Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Long Weekend!

Thank goodness!  A 3-day weekend is upon us.  I hope that everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Memorial Day weekend.  My goals for the weekend include:

-spending lots and lots of time outside
-not using my car unless completely necessary
-enjoying food and drinks with friends
-getting my closet cleared out for my closet-to-office makeover (Remember when I blogged about this?  It's becoming a reality! Pictures to follow)
-taking advantage of some Memorial Day weekend sales

Happy Memorial Day!

I'm thankful for...
16) Long weekends that leave me refreshed and rejuvenated
17) Omelettes from the Crate & Barrel cafe
18) Beer gardens on warm summer evenings
19) My cat, Babs, who loves to cuddle
20) When my nails actually grow a decent length and don't break

Live Sweetly :)

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