Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Design Inspiration: Contact Paper on Counters??

As I'm in the midst of my closet to office transformation, it's got me thinking about the rooms in my apartment that I have yet to really touch.  Besides easy things like hanging pictures or curtains and a wall decal or two, my kitchen and bathroom haven't been touched.  Rather than concentrate on my current project like I probably should be, I'm already thinking about what I should do next because no apartment or house is ever really finished, right?  Well, mine never is.

The kitchen is bit daunting for me.  I don't want to damage anything, which means keeping the counters and cabinest as they are, and I certainly don't want to spend a lot of money on a rented unit, which means no pretty appliances.  So besides painting the walls, what can I do?

I came across an article about covering kitchen counters with patterned contact paper on Have any of you ever seen a picture of this? Or heard of someone doing it to their own kitchen?  It seems like it would work well, but I'm concerned about the wear and tear.  So please let me know if you've seen this...or kindly ask your design-y friends if they've tried it.  Thank you!

I'm thankful for...
26) My afternoon glass of green tea
27) French vanilla creamer for my morning cup of coffee
28) A glass of red wine after work
29) Chocolate protein shakes post-morning workout
30) Gatorade after a long run on a hot day

(for some reason I decided to pay homage to all of my favorite beverages??)

Live Sweetly :)

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