Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Unique Finds: Stacking Dinnerware

Have you ever struggled with trying to find a way to store or display your dinnerware, but you just aren't happy with the way it looks?  Well, the A + R Store has a solution for you....Palace Stacking Dinnerware.  Each "building" holds a serving dish and either 6 soup bowls, 6 small bowls, 6 small plates, or 6 dinner plates.  When not in use, the pieces stack together to make a building.  It's genius!

Please view more images of the Palace Stacking Porcelain Tableware here.

Original featured on Design for Mankind

These are definitely being added to my wihs list.  When you own the entire block, there are enough dishes for a group of 6.  Aren't they amazing?  This is the perfect gift for the architect in your family (hint, hint!).  I wonder how easy it is to piece the dishes back together once the meal is over...

Live Sweetly :)

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