Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer To Do

I recently read a blog entry from A Soft Place to Land about making a summer to do list.  This blogger made a list for her kids so she has ideas to fill the sometimes long summer days.  I figured that although I don't have kids or many long summer days to fill, I better make a list of musts for this summer.

So here it is!  I'll keep you updated on my progress as the summer moves on.

Summer 2010 To Do:
-train for the marathon
-play at least one full round of golf
-spend a lot of time at the beach (both North Ave and Michigan City)
-go to Lollapalooza
-see at least 2 free concerts at Millenium Park
-go to one of the Movies in the Park
-have a drink on the roof of The Wit hotel
-spend a day at Great America (anyone want to go with me?)
-finish my office to closet transformation
-go to Old St. Pat's block party
-go to the Taste of Chicago since the music line up is pretty good
-see the fireworks at Navy Pier
-go to the boat races on Kankakee River for Labor Day
-mini golf
-grill out...a lot.

That's all I can think of for now.  I already have some of these things in progress or in the works (Lolla tickets have been bought, closet has been cleared out, heading to Millenium Park next week for Vivaldi's four Seasons).  This summer is going to be GREAT!!

I'm thankful for...
41) Friends who have grills because I am lacking one
42) the guy at Sherwin Williams who was very helpful today
43) my friend, Kate, who is showing me how to refinish furniture
44) the color turquoise...I just love it (and it will be the color of my new office!)
45) rainy days during the week and sunny days on the weekend

I hope you all are having a glorioius day!

Live Sweetly :)

image from Thai Jasmine

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