Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Job, New Outlook on Life

A week ago, I started a new job, which explains my absense from the blog world.  Over the last few weeks, my life has been full of surprises. 

Four weeks ago, I was feeling at a loss....confused about what was going to come next and wondering about whether or not any of the changes I wanted would ever happen.  My patience was being tested.  Thanks to the wonderful women in my small group, I was reminded that I needed to just trust in God's timing for it truly is the best timing.

A few days after I reached my low point, I received word about a job opening.  I sent in my resume.  Less than a week later, I had interviewed, received a job offer, and put in my two weeks notice.  This new opportunity was a huge answer to prayers, and probably the most direct answer to prayer that I've ever experienced.  I had been waiting for almost a year for a new job or new opportunity to come along.  I had put myself out there in so many ways, and I didn't understand why nothing was working out.  I was confused and impatient.  I was beginning to doubt that He was even paying attention.  

Now at the end of my first week at my new job, my doubts are gone.  Everything happenned so quickly and the timing of it all was too perfect for it to be anything but God's work.  I'm so grateful for everything, and I'm so looking forward to seeing how my life changes and develops as a result of this new job.  I'm feeling so positive about the future, and I'm couldn't be more ready for it to start.

Thanks to everyone who has been there for me as a friend along the way.  There are times when my strength comes from those who are close to me, and I am truly the luckiest person in the world.

I'll be sure to get back to blogging regularly.  With my new job, I'm more busy during the day, so my posts may be more few and far between....but I'm beyond grateful that I'm being challenged at my new job, so if blogging has to take a back seat for a while, I'm ok with that. 

I'm thankful for...
61) Hot summer days
62) First dates that are so good you don't want them to end
63) Sweet text messages in the middle of the day
64) Blue painter's just makes painting so much easier.
65) Trashy reality's my guillty pleasure
66) Public's good for the environment and saves me from driving in traffic
67) Kraft macaroni and cheese. so yummy!
68) Ribs from Smoke Daddy
69) Park Community Church
70) The lakeshore path.  Aren't we so lucky to have that all along Lake Michigan?

Live Sweetly :)

image from New Wine Today

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