Monday, May 24, 2010

Music Monday 05-24-10

Rather than featuring another one of my favorite artists, I'd like to highlight the charitable efforts of one of my favorites, who I happenned to highlight in last week's Music Monday...

I saw Imogen Heap in concert for the second time last night, and the show was incredible.  She played a lot of songs that she didn't play the last time I heard her, including the song "Let Go" (click here to listen), which she originally sang when she was a part of the talented duo called Frou Frou.

At one point in the show, Imogen did a completely on-the-spot improvised piece.  She had the audience vote with applause for the key and tempo of the song, and then she just let her creativity flow for about 5 minutes.  The best thing is that Imogen's goal is to sell each improvised song on her website and donate the proceeds from each song to a local charity for each city on the tour.

Please take the time to go on Imogen Heap's website by clicking here and downloading one of her impovised pieces for your chosen city.  So far, songs for Detroit, MI and Chicago, IL are on their way to being uploaded.

Also, please take the time to visity the website for the local charity Imogen picked for Chicago, Cease Fire.  This is a charity dedicated to eliminating the violence within the city....and after the sad reports from the weekend, we definitely need the help.

Thank you, Imogen Heap, for your creativity and for using your musical talent to make a difference in this world.

Live Sweetly :)

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