Friday, April 9, 2010

Unique Finds: Miniature Modern

My favorite exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago has always been the Miniature Rooms.  For those who haven't been, this exhibit is full of the most intricately designed and detailed doll houses that you'll ever see.  Each room comes from a different time period and the colors, fabrics, materials, and even the scenery outside the windows matches the era so perfectly.  My mind immediately begins to imagine what it would be like to be a princess living in Louis XIV's chateau, or a young lady of the Victorian era wearing a corset and a gown on my way to an extravagant ball.

The other day I stumbled upon some photographs of miniatures from the modern age.  Some day I'm sure I'll look at these and rather than imagine how things could have been in a different time and place....I'll remember how great things were and always have been.

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Aren't these mini rooms just adorable?  I can totally picture my 5th grade self sitting at that tiny desk working on homework, or my current self putting on jewelry in front of the mirror of the sea foam green bedroom.  And this got me thinking....since I can't have my dream house right now, maybe I should make my mini dream house?  We'll see about that one...

Live Sweetly :)

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