Monday, April 19, 2010

Creative Crush: JordanQuinn Photography

This is the beginning of a new series featuring the work of creative people who I happen to stumble upon.  Well, I'm lucky to call my first creative crush a friend.  Her name is Jordan Lukianuk.  She is an aspiring professional photographer and owner of JordanQuinn Photography.  Over the weekend, some friends and I were her subjects for some very dramatic, high fashion type shoots.  We each had our own looks that were designed by Jordan herself.  With her direction and creative eye, she helped us each portray a character in some unique settings around Chicago. 

Please check out her website here.  She does weddings, engagement shoots, special events, and more.

Please view more of her work on flickr by clicking here.

And here are a few of my favorite shots:

Meet Kate, the vintage beauty.

Meet Karen, the hot rock star (and most improved model of the day!).

Meet Emily, the American classic.

And here's me, the American Apparel model wanna be.

One more just for fun.

Please take the time to look through my talented friend's website and just live in her work for a few moments.  It's truly amazing.  Enjoy!

Live Sweetly :) 

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