Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Creative Crush: Decorator in a Box

I have a crush on this week's feature creative for a few reasons:

1) The website is super cute.  It's welcoming, informative, and makes me want to hire them instantly.
2) This business idea is genius!  What a great way to easily expand your customer base beyond city limits.
3) The brand identity and packaging is so well thought out.

Decorator in a Box helps brings the often expensive services offered by professional interior designers down to a more affordable level for those who need some extra help and guidance, but aren't afraid to do some of the work themselves.  It's a perfect idea...and I wish I had thought of it myself!

Please check out their genius website by clicking here.

Originally featured on one of my blog crushes, Design Sponge

I'm certainly inspired by this business model.  It just shows that with a simple idea that is presented nicely and well thought out, we could all start our own business.  My wheels are spinning after seeing this, and I hope yours are, too!

Live Sweetly :)



  1. Thank you Rachel Decorator in a Box is honored to be a Creative Crush! We have a crush on your blog and have a posting on our new blog dedicated to Living Sweetly.

    Cheers! Annie


  2. So sweet write up on D.I.A.B. I'm crushing on it!


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