Wednesday, April 14, 2010

50 Things

50 Random Facts:

1) I love turquoise/teal/blue-green.
2) I drive a red Ford Focus.
3) I have a cat named Babs.
4) I'm 5' 10".
5) I wear a size 11 shoe (except for when I love a pair and try to squeeze into something smaller)
6) I've had 3 nicknames in my life: Rachie, RachD, and Rach. 
7) I wear contacts and I'm practically blind without them.
8) I'm running the Chicago marathon on 10/10/10 for the Special Olympics team (Donations appreciated.  Please click here.)
9) I used to play piano and wish I still did.
10) I lived in Versailles, France for my junior year in college.
11) Je parle francais.
12) I've worked as an architect for Crate & Barrel for almost 3 years.
13) I live in the cutest one bedroom apartment in Roscoe Village.  I'm a little biased.
14) White Christmas is my favorite Christmas movie.
15) I love going to concerts.
16) When I'm hungry, stay away.  It's about the only time I'm ever in a bad mood or dead to the world.
17) I love to travel.
18) I was really quiet and shy as a child.
19) I donated my hair to Locks of Love a year ago.
20) I ran cross country in high school.
21) I have two sisters, who are 26 and 23, and a brother, who is 17.
22) I was born in Tampa, Florida.
23) I love doing interior design.
24) I design invitations for fun.
25) I'm crafty.
26) I straighten my hair every morning.
27) I have a jewelry closet full of fun costume jewelry.
28) I like jeans from the Gap the best.
29) I love wearing drapey tops.
30) I like wearing heels even though I'm already tall.
31) I've never dated a guy under 6' 3".
32) Red wine and dark chocolate are my two weaknesses.
33) Breakfast is my favorite meal.
34) I've been to Greece.
35) My birthday is May 15, 1985.
36) I go to Park Community Church.
37) Lilacs are my favorite flower.
38) I love to bike ride along Lake Michigan.
39) Kingston Mines is my favorite place to go out in Chicago.
40) I tried out for America's Next Top Model, but didn't make it.
41) I really like Italian sausage.
42) I'm becoming a real golfer this summer.
43) I love to cook, but prefer recipes that involve 5 ingredients or less.
44) I've been skiing twice in my life.
45) I love going for long walks with friends.  More for the great conversations, than the exercise.
46) I love Michigan.
47) I'm really good with kids.
48) I own all of the Harry Potter movies.
49) I took Latin dance lessons two summers ago.
50) I love to eat peanut butter straight from the jar.

Live Sweetly :)

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