Friday, March 19, 2010


Every so often I have found myself in a place in life where I’m in transition. Things are changing and I feel a bit off. Life feels like it is lacking…balance.

When I start thinking about all of the things I have to keep up with…family, friends, faith, work, play, volunteering, hobbies…I get a little overwhelmed. When I add to the mix the goals I have for my life, the changes I’d like to make, and what I need to do to make those changes, my head feels like it might explode.

But then I pause...

Take a deep breath…

Gaze up into the clear blue sky…

And I remember that I don’t have to worry because God is on my side.

Image courtsey of nikki.jane

In the coming weeks, I’ll be making some important decisions that could change the course of my life. This has come as a bit of a surprise since I may be moving on to something that was never a part of the life plan I imagined as a child. But as I’ve said before, God surprises you with opportunities, relationships, and gifts when you least expect it. And oftentimes these surprises are something you may have never expected in the first place.

In the past, I’ve often found that big choices turn into a battle between what my stubborn self wants and what I think He has planned. It becomes a game of weighing each side and finding a balance between me and Him.

I have to come to terms with the fact that ultimately my life is not in my control. I have to trust that everything will be taken care of. I need to listen to where I am being called.

After gazing up into the sky and remembering that He is holding me in his hands, life doesn’t seem so overwhelming.  And I realize that I don't need to find that balance anymore…because He will always tip the scale.

Live Sweetly :)

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